A double-ended dildo basically means double the fun for people who are into or fantasize about double penetration. Irrespective of whether you have a sexual partner, you can consider adding double-ended dildos to your sex-toys collection and letting the sparks fly. 

If you are wondering what a double ended dildo is, it is precisely what it sounds like: a dildo shaped like the top of a human penis on both ends of the shaft. It is customarily made up of silicone material, so it is firm and bendable simultaneously. However, using body-friendly metal, glass, or plastic to construct double ended dildos is not unheard of.


The various types of Double Ended Dildos

  • The ‘I-shaped’ ones – Usually 16-inches long and straight in design, the I-shaped double-sided dildo is considered an erotic overlord. The shape makes it best suited to satisfy partnered and solo masturbation kinks. Insert one of the ends into your partner’s mouth, anus, or vagina, and then have the other end slide down the hole of your choice. Begin gently thrusting down the shaft length (with your pelvis or head) until both partners meet in the middle. This is one of the best options for pleasure-seekers who prefer shallow penetration and are readily available in any sex toy store.


  • The ‘U-shaped ones’- These dildos are curved into a U-shape, as the name suggests. They are specifically designed to allow people to explore double penetration without needing the assistance of a partner. Each side generally features eight to ten insertable inches. The widths of both ends are usually different to accommodate various girth preferences. Like the I-shaped dildos, these are also readily available in any sex toy store such as twicetonight.com.


  • The hands-free experience – These double ended dildos are either mechanized or strap-in dildos (click here to see more) or a combination of both. These are the ones I prefer for foreplay with my partner and masturbation, for they provide a hands-free experience. The partner who straps on the dildo to their G-zone experiences pleasure on their clitoris (because of an extended, small shaft that massages the clitoris) while thrusting their partner who experiences the pleasures of penetrative sex.


Popular Double Ended Dildos in the Market

Through this article, I would like to introduce you to some of the extreme and best dildos belonging to the double-ended category that rules the market today. Give them a try if you wish to experience the ultimate climax.

1) Master Cock Double Stuffer Double Pecker – It is the best dildo for you if you like to focus on texture and peripheral feels on your vaginal wall. It has an actual dick-like structure and contour. Its flexible yet less-bendy nature makes it the perfect toy for simultaneous stimulation of the anal cavity and vagina.

2) Icicles No. 57 Double-sided Textured Glass DildoA personal favorite! This one is made of glass and is a masterpiece in itself. It can be heated or chilled according to personal preferences. But my favorite part is its insane textures. Makes me squirm every time!


3) Colours DP Pleasures by NS Novelties – The Colours DP Pleasures double dildo is pleasurable in many ways. The perimeter is optimum for most ladies who have had sex before, and the silicone material is squishy and firm. I can easily squeeze the ends together to fit into the vaginal canal. It is the perfect equipment once you get used to angling the dildo properly.


The most pride-friendly sex toys

Double-sided dildos, hands-down, should be tagged as the most pride-friendly design for sex toys. Having had sexual partners from various genders and sexual orientations, I can say with conviction that double ended dildos have satisfied my and my partner’s every desire in bed.

This is how double ended dildos can be used by any combination of partners, no matter their gender or sexual preferences. The ‘I-shaped’ ones can be used by gay couples who wish to be anally penetrated simultaneously and lesbian couples who fancy getting penetrated together or individually. The strap-on ones pleasure the woman thrusting and, needless to say, the woman/man getting drilled.


Cons of the Double-Ended Dildo

  • There is a greater risk for infections since there is a chance that each end is inserted into different body parts.
  • Controlling them is difficult for beginners because it takes time to get into a rhythm while pegging or experimenting with simultaneous penetration with your partner.


The double ended experience

I have experimented with different kinds of double-ended dildos, and being an experienced masturbator for me, using them was a pleasurable experience. I was skeptical about using it during sex as it was completely different from anything I had tried before with my partner. Still, we soon figured out our rhythm, the intensity of penetration, and the frequency of thrusts we were both comfortable with. We used an I-shaped double-ended dildo to experience simultaneous penetration in our vaginas. We used lubricants to facilitate the process, which I feel is essential while exploring any sex-aiding equipment.

When I engage in solo self-pleasuring, I use the U-shaped double-ended dildo. I use one that has adjustable shaft lengths. I prefer deep penetration that thrusts at my G-spot in the pussy whereas, in the case of my ass, I am more comfortable with shallow penetration. Therefore, adjusting the length of the limb enables me to insert the perfect lengths in each hole. It helps me climax faster.

I have occasionally also pegged my partner using the strap-on dildos. The ones I use have an external shaft that pleasures my clit while I peg my partner in the anal cavity or vagina. It is perfect for experiencing a hands-free orgasm. Some double-ended strap in dildos are also equipped with vibrators for providing maximum pleasure.

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