In the wake of the protest in July 2021, the Cuban government arrested thousands of protesters. From this protest, more than 700 protesters were imprisoned till the end of the year. The authorities curbed their freedom of expression and began to monitor human rights activists, artists, and journalists. Many of these people were put under house arrest and subjected to detention and ill-treatment. Along with this, the authoritarian Cuban government disrupted the internet. The island country’s economic condition worsened, and US authorities again failed to lift the restriction and ban on various economic and commercial activities.

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Repressing the dissent

If you are wondering how Cuban authorities respond to dissent and disagreement, you should look at the peaceful protest that happened on July 11, 2021. Many people took to the streets of many towns and cities due to the Cuban authorities’ failure to address the economy’s weak state, the shortage of medicine, food, and other necessities, and the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The protesters also voiced their concerns over controlling the rights of freedom of expression and assembly. However, the largest demonstration that Cuba saw was the people’s cry to end the government’s authoritarian rule.

In response to this protest, the authority of Cuba imprisoned thousands of protesters. The authorities also took harsh steps against activists and journalists. They were either put under house arrest or forced into arbitrary detention. What is worse is that all these happen by disrupting the internet. In addition, most of the protesters arrested were charged with criminal charges to silence the rebellion.

After the protests, the arrested people were put under house arrest delaying their trial. The Cuban authorities also subjected these people to physical surveillance by appointing security to inform them about their houses permanently. They were also threatened with arrest if they left the place, thus forcing them into arbitrary detention. The relatives of people who were detained were also subjected to many violations.

This mass detention resulted in the reporting of ill-treatment, including crimes against women. Many authorities misbehaved and harassed women. Moreover, they denied the allegation of human right violation.

The authorities subjected absolute control over the media and allowed to broadcast only selected footage. Moreover, during the protest, people in power disrupted the internet and blocked apps like WhatsApp and Telegram.

Economic and cultural rights

Economic and cultural rights

The economic condition of Cuba has continued to deteriorate over the years. With a significant shortage of food, medicine, and other necessities, the situation of this Island nation is devastating that even the Inter-American Commission on Human rights expressed their concerns, especially on the situation of Cuba after the COVID pandemic. Moreover, throughout the years, there have been many electricity outages.

During various times of the year, hospitals were also reported to be overwhelmed with patients.

But the unfortunate situation is that the authorities blame the economic embargo for the shortage of food and other necessities.

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