Cuba has experienced many setbacks in the last few years, mainly due to the devastating earthquake in 2020, along with the rampant spread of the COVID-19 virus. The country is still trying to get back on its feet again, with many people finding it difficult to meet their basic needs. In this article, we will explore the impact of COVID-19 on poverty in Cuba.

Restrictions Placed

When COVID-19 started spreading in Cuba, restrictions were quickly placed. The schools were closed, and classes were held online. However, many students in Cuba come from low-income families, and they don’t have easy access to the Internet.

Cuba’s Healthcare

Cuba’s Healthcare

It also suffered from a shortage of beds. However, what sets Cuba apart from the other nations in the world is that it has an incredibly high ratio of doctors to the population. The doctors displayed great tenacity and strength in tracking and attempting to isolate the virus.

They also conducted detailed medical research and developed vaccines like Abdala and Soberena-2. Unfortunately, the Cuban infrastructure was not on their side and is still in need of great attention.

Hurricanes Exacerbated the Crisis

The fight in Cuba was not just against COVID-19 but also the rise in poverty. People were suffering in many ways, and there was a lack of impetus to follow the pandemic rules. More than the COVID-19 crisis itself, many Cubans feared hurricanes.

The Cuban region is well known for experiencing many hurricanes. It has always left them with a devastating aftermath, where people no longer had homes and had to find shelters to feel safe and warm. Although Cubans are generally resilient and have a history of facing hurricanes with great courage, it became twice as challenging this time.

Food Imports

Cuba is known for its strong commitment to meeting the goals of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. However, the problem is that it relies heavily on food imports to provide for poor children in schools.

Cuban Foreign Minister Speaks at UN General Assembly

Recently, the Cuban Foreign Minister spoke at the UN General Assembly and went into the current issues that the world is collectively facing. He expressed the sentiment that the COVID-19 pandemic merely revealed the nature of the unjust order currently prevailing among the nations and criticized the overemphasis laid on military expenditure.

Cuban F=oreign Minister S

He also expressed distaste for Cuba’s false image of having sponsored terrorism. On the contrary, he asserted that Cuba had been a victim of terrorism. He pointed out Cuba’s commitment and strength in fighting the COVID-19 virus and how Cuba provided medical brigades to many countries around the world, despite its own troubles.

Tourism Industry is Showing Hope

Fortunately, the situation is looking much better now. Cuba has always received tourists from different parts of the world for its exotic culture, culture, and music. The tourist industry is thriving again, with the Cuban Government allowing only vaccinated tourists to enter the island. Kids are also going back to school. Hence, there is a promising movement toward normalcy.

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